Friday, 11 September 2015

Four Days Work Experience at the Gallery...

Four days, with three lovely ladies, in a beautiful country setting makes work experience not just an opportunity but a lovely way to spend my time. The Green Tree Gallery is not only a creative hub for local artists but it is a demonstration of what hard working staff can accomplish. Every stitch, paint stroke, pearl earring, invoice and advertisement is done with care and consideration from the staff for their artists and customers.

The gallery's tranquil setting reflects the comfortable relaxed style of the gallery. The work is presented in a way that customers can envision the work in their homes. But I wouldn't let this relaxed atmosphere fool you... The Green Tree Gallery should be recognised for organisation - whether that be the organisation of their stock, their payments to artists or the regularity of their social media updates. In my four days here, I have witnessed this organisation first hand. I admire the staff's want to restock the gallery constantly to keep their regular customers interested. I admire the way they take the artist's new work in regularly to help build a strong artist-gallery relationship. And finally I admire how hard the staff work in the gallery's best interest.

I'd like to thank Jill, Victoria and Sam for all being lovely to work with. This opportunity they have given me has taught me the art of display, the organisation in management, the business side of art and the love these ladies have for their local gallery. I appreciate their time immensely because without their time I would not have learnt what I have in these past four days.

Thank you for what has been a lovely week of my summer, I hope to spend some more time working with the gallery in the future.
Love Hollie x