Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wonder Waves and Pebbled Paradise

The Green Tree Gallery takes a glittering dive into the tantalising turquoise unknown!!

From Saturday 18th September to Saturday 23rd October, come and be swept into a sparkling seascape of sunkissed ceramics, paintings woven from ocean spray and storm dust, collages of treasure, crisp photographs, gleaming glass and an intriguing trove of textiles.

Marvel at Misha Seelhof's gestural gems, paintings whose colours must have been collected from marbled lakes in secret caves! Ruth Fisher's jewel-like stained glass landscapes sigh with sun filtered tranquility. Sue England's scratchy seagulls swarm through delicately folded layers of gold sand and silvery blue wisps of sky. Gillian Bates' urban seaside stitchery is a sweet shop of pastel hues. Bonnie Mackintosh's indigo vases provide a delicate seabed for waltzing troupes of pewter shells. Pauline Crook's brightly printed deckchairs beckon weary bottoms to come and nest in their heavenly sweeps. Janine Reavell's photographs hum with peace. Clarissa Robertson's legions of glass-peaked ceramic lighthouses stretch skyward with striped bellies and the most glorious feeling of freedom...

Sea-tickled snaps on their way soon, on the back of a drifting turtle!

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