Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sussex Downlands: a Source of Inspiration for Chris Forsey

Downland and coastal scenes are what inspire Chris Forsey. This self-taught watercolour painter's constant re-appraisal of his style and technique has led him to a mixed-media approach, combining watercolour with acrylic, pastel and gouache.
"I am exhilarated by colour and surface," he explains. "I enjoy creating textured layers of dry-brushed colour that allow hints of complementary hue to glow through..creating an exciting surface of scattered, broken colour."

"Reflecting April"

In his landscapes, Chris often explores the themes of man-made alongside the organic: buildings by water or structure emerging from a rocky cliff. Sometimes figures inhabit the middle ground between buildings and the wildness of nature.
"I try to capture the sense of a place at a specific moment, season or time of day, always endeavouring to bring passion and immediacy to my work."

"Teasels in Spring"

Chris is a tutor of painting and runs watercolour classes in Sussex, as well as in Surrey and the Greek Islands.

"Spring Mist, the Arun"

"The Arun & Downs Scarp, Amberley"

Our exhibition "Sussex, beloved Sussex" features the work of Chris Forsey and six other painters and runs for one more week until Saturday 26th April.

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