Sunday, 25 May 2014

Victoria's Furred and Gentle Beasts invade Gallery!

This weekend we celebrated the opening of the gallery's own ceramic sculptor Victoria Lovell's first solo exhibition, entitled "Of Furred and Gentle Beasts".

Working with seven different types of clay and using as little glaze as possible, Victoria has explored her fascination with animals to create almost 30 pieces of work.

"I have allowed the clay to speak for itself through its natural properties," says Victoria. "I hope this immediacy of colour and texture gives life to the creatures I have portrayed."

"Sculpting animals in clay fascinates me," continues Victoria. "I find it challenging and ultimately rewarding to achieve a balance of creating the animal desired, give it a personality and the feeling of movement in something as solid and immovable as fired clay."

"Of Furred and Gentle Beasts" runs until Sunday 8th June.

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