Friday, 1 August 2014

Paul Guthrie discovers Horses....

"Horse I"

Paul Guthrie only discovered horses recently, having been asked to contribute to our "Horse Play" exhibition. But then again, he did not find out he was an artist until four years ago, at the age of 37!

"After looking at a friend's horses, I was inspired to go to Lancaster to the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre," says Paul. "I was then drawn to see the working athletes at Lingfield Races and on to the dressage at Hickstead."

"Dressage II"

He uses eye and camera to capture the personality of what he sees and then works with bright, vibrant colours to convey that personality in as truthful a way as he can.

"I find [horses] complex and captivating and I'm sure I'll return to them again and again," says Paul.

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