Friday, 24 April 2009

Laptop Disaster

If ever there was a lesson to be learnt it is that of backing up your computer regularly... Over the years I have had several 'mishaps' with computers and have so far been very incredibly fortunate not to have lost anything permanently... so today I fear this may have changed. Having been working on a design for our upcoming Truly Scrumptious exhibition all week the laptop has just died... and yes you've guessed it, all that work is not saved anywhere else... as my teen daughter would say 'OMG'... I am therefore feeling very sorry for myself, just a teensy bit stressed and am waiting for the metaphorical bar to open at 6 so I can open a bottle of red and sink into it....


  1. I live in complete fear of my laptop stopping; but I also live in fear of my boiler breaking down and the ceiling caving in...but I can 'back up' the laptop work, I suppose, if I'm organised...maybe I should just buy a 'lapdog' instead...
    Anyway, I think your blog looks very impressive, talking as a 2 week Sessex novice-blogger myself, and the gallery looks fantastic too. Will pop in to take a look sometime soon.
    x Philippa

  2. Oh Jules!
    Will we ever learn. My fear is that we might loose all our photos one day. Since everyone is digital nowadays, there must be quite a bit of fear out there!

    I am sure you will russell up a new design, let the red get the greative juices working!

    p.s are you ok for stock?