Monday, 27 April 2009

Sculpture: Imagination in the Gallery...

This Thursday evening sees the launch of our new exhibition, a veritable feast of sculpture! Borde Hill Garden have been running a sculpture trail for a number of years and last year we were lucky enough to take part by exhibiting some smaller sculptures in the gallery. This year Surrey Sculpture Society return with a new exhibition and trail.
Even before we opened the gallery I loved the sculpture trail, and always made an effort to attend. There is something almost magical about wandering through such a beautiful garden and coming across the stunning pieces of sculpture placed in it for the event. The gardeners and members of SSS really work hard to make sure the sculptures fit in with their surroundings and the results are always amazing. Last year I managed to sneak a break from the gallery and took a look around the garden during the Private View. This is always held in the early evening and when the weather is good, as it was last year, it is a great time of day to wander around.
This years Private View at the gallery is on Thursday 30th, from 5-7pm and visitors to the gallery PV can also gain entry to the garden private view between 6-7pm. Let's hope for lovely weather.... If you would like to attend just drop me an email.

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