Friday, 21 September 2012

Artist of the Week : Faye Mayo

This week we're showing you the work of ceramicist Faye Mayo. Whether it's a tiny pinch pot, a larger vessel or a torso sculpture, the eye is drawn to the vivid blues and greens of each piece's glazed interior.
Faye describes the contrasting exteriors of her pieces as having a 'sense of fragility, delicacy and being only temporary' and she intentionally leaves the marks of the making process - the kneeding and fingerprints - visible on the outside surface.
New to the Green Tree Gallery are Faye's 'Wave' platters where aqua and blue waves ripple gently across the surface....
...and her 'Restful' platter featuring a sleeping young woman in a blue dress nestling peacefully amongst wild flowers, leaves and butterflies.

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