Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Emma Bird's lateral thinking...

Emma Bird has exhibited her wire sculptures at the Gallery for some time and always comes up with witty interpretations of our exhibition titles.

So with bated breath, we waited to see how she would interpret "Reflection".

Emma's work in this exhibition focuses on the contemplative angle with evocative and tenderly observed wire sculptures and framed pictures.

This is entitled "Remember When"....

...whilst this free-standing sculpture is simply called "The Good Old Days".

Emma's work celebrates the beauty of creation, the people and animals that she sees around her, as well as the interaction between them.

"Wire gives me the freedom to draw in the air," she says. "It is so intriguing to see the line hold its shape without losing a sense of flow and delicacy."

She uses the minimum number of ‘lines’ to suggest the highlights of each creation and its character.

"I work with my hands, pliers and cutters alone to create my pieces," she says. "I value the purity of this process and avoid the temptation to solder or glue wires together so that I produce truly handcrafted work."

Until recently, Emma was Head of Art at Shoreham College but now works full time as an Artist.

The exhibition continues until Saturday 3rd September.

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