Friday, 23 March 2018

Sarah Rickard and her Guardian Angels

Sarah says she is driven to create art "which celebrates life and conveys a sense of wonder at nature's mysteries".

"My work is inspired by nature and the birds, beasts, botany and beings which inhabit our world," she explains. Her work includes wrens and robins, as well as running hares that reflect the phases of the moon.

She has a life-long fascination with angels, which stems from a spiritual experience in early childhood, when she saw a benevolent, other-wordly figure smiling at her from the end of her parents' bed.

Her angels, which take stylistic inspiration from William Morris, are constructed in white earthenware and decorated with oxides, underglazes and transfers, which are created from her original drawings and paintings.

"People buy them for many different reasons," explains Sarah. "Sometimes for friends or relations who are going through a difficult time or sometimes to put over a baby's cot."

Sarah lives and works in Heathfield, East Sussex.

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