Wednesday, 15 May 2019

And here's Georgina Moir...

From her studio in Lindfield, Georgina creates bold striking contemporary watercolours of birds, landscapes and animals that attract the viewer’s attention.

She deliberately leaves areas of her paintings unfinished, allowing the viewer to complete the picture.

"I strive not to replicate an exact copy of my chosen subject, but rather to give my impression of it," she says.

Her aim is to create a painting that portrays the subject's character.

"The eyes in my paintings are the most important part," says Georgina. "Once I’ve captured them, the rest falls into place."

As a trained illustrator and graphic designer, Georgina relishes the freedom of watercolours.

"I love the way that working with watercolour, wet on wet, allows me to “let go” and enjoy the fantastic mistakes that happen along the way to create the finished piece."

Georgina's work is part of our exhibition "And Then Came Spring", which runs until Monday 27th May.

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