Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A pair of painters: Paul Guthrie and Annie Vince

Our exhibition "Reflection" features paintings by two artists who are both self-taught: Paul Guthrie and Annie Vince.

Paul says he "didn't find out" that he was an artist until six years ago, at the age of 37.

It started when he painted "Cows, Red Background" and hung it on the wall at home. The astonished response of his friends set him on an unstoppable trajectory.

"The only way I can express it is to say that I can't avoid painting," he explains.

Unlike his painting in the exhibition, "Abstract I", Paul's subject matter is usually birds and animals. He is driven to convey in his work the nature of a living subject, its essential character.

"If a sheep looks like a fleece stuffed with old farm implements, then that is what I must represent," he says.

He uses eye and camera to capture the personality of what he sees and then works with bright, vibrant colours to convey that personality in as truthful a way as he can. His way of working conveys the reality of a subject more fully than any factual or naturalistic representation can.

Paul aims for a strong response to his paintings. "My hope is that the viewer takes something new from a painting every time they see it."

Annie Vince's interest in art started about 20 years ago when she learned to paint. Although she experimented with most media, she found that acrylic and oil suited her best.

"I started to focus on abstract painting, first on paper with oil and now on large canvases," says Annie, who was born in France but now lives in Hampshire.

"I like using vibrant and vivid colours with bold strokes, always trying to produce a dramatic atmosphere with lots of movement."

"I begin by picking up a line, then by adding colour and texture, the painting develops naturally," she says. "I always have a palette in mind before starting painting, which I apply freely at first. I then introduce some structured lines."

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