Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My Time At The Gallery: Emily O'Shea

Over the course of this summer I have had four days of work experience at The Green Tree Gallery, and I have extremely enjoyed my time here. The ladies that I have been working with and the customers have all been so welcoming that I would definitely love to visit again in the future.

At The Green Tree Gallery I have been allowed to work in a variety of different areas. I was able to aid in customer service in which I really enjoyed interacting with buyers and discussing their own artistic interests. I was also able to create different displays of artists work and understand how to attract the eye to certain pieces using different heights and dimensions.

Following this I began looking into the online media of the gallery. I was able to photograph pieces of artwork and then to edit them before writing a post and uploading them to Facebook. My experience here as allowed me to gain an insight into the amount of work that is required to run a business such as the gallery, which I feel will be extremely useful in my future.

I have really enjoyed exploring the array of artistic techniques used by the artists which has really inspired me to experiment with different art methods in my own work. I also really love how the gallery appeals to a range of different people from young children to eager art collectors through the range of interesting pieces displayed.

An artist whose work really stood out to me was Grant De Jonge (seen to the right) who creates beautiful landscapes of brightly coloured skies using a very interesting abstract technique with oil paints on canvas. The rough bursts of colour have really inspired me to try and use more effortless techniques and possibly explore some more landscape work, as well as practicing my oil painting.

The work by Rosi Robinson (seen to the left) also really caught my eye, as I have experimented with batik techniques before, creating large floral patterns, but have never seen such beautiful and intricate batik paintings as these. They have been created with amazing skill and are made with stunning colours. This has again inspired me to practice more techniques such as batik to broaden my artwork.

The exhibition “Reflection” has interestingly brought in a great deal of glass work to the gallery. I love how these pieces have been reflecting through the summer sunshine and really brightening up the gallery.

I have really enjoyed my time at The Green Tree Gallery and have gained such a great experience working in the art industry and having done so in such a lovely environment.

- Emily O'Shea

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