Thursday, 25 August 2016

Last, but definitely not least...Rosi Robinson!

Rosi Robinson is a batik artist, teacher, lecturer and author. She has been featured in many magazines including Artists & Illustrators, Craft & Design and International Artist and has written three books on batik.

Rosi was born in Edinburgh and studied history at Vassar College in New York. She taught for 43 years and was Head of Art at Cumnor House School for almost 28 years, before retiring in 2013. She now lectures and gives batik workshops throughout the world.

Rosi's travels to the Far East, Europe and North America have influenced her subject matter, which includes land and seascapes, portraits and sporting scenes.

Her batik pictures are principally figurative and look like watercolour paintings but she also enjoys experimenting with wax and dyes, developing ideas in more abstract ways on cotton and paper.

"Reflection" ends on Saturday 3rd September.

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