Saturday, 14 April 2018

Sally Scott, bringing colour, vitality and a joy of life to her painting

"In my paintings I want to share my love of nature and the countryside and bring the joy of life, colour and vitality into every picture," says Sally, whose favourite subjects are landscapes, flowers and trees.

"Most days I walk and absorb the landscape, looking, photographing and jotting down ideas for new paintings."

Then back in the studio, Sally draws out a rough idea of the painting's composition with masking fluid before using acrylic inks and spraying water to give a natural flow and energy to her work.

Sometimes she floods the paper and manipulates the colour, carefully moving the paint in a "thoughtful but imprecise" way.

"Waiting as areas dry before moving on, and learning to walk away to let the painting embed, is always a challenge," she says.

"As the piece dries, I think about the light: the contrast of light and shade as the depth and form of the piece emerges. I mark, use brush ends, scrape or etch patterns, blot with tissue and add details to give structure, sometimes layering on pieces of tissue paper to give a further dimension."

"Through the Eyes of a Child" continues until May 12th.

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