Saturday, 21 April 2018

Yas Hussain, from Finance to Woodturning

"I have always been drawn to the look and feel of wood, its natural lines, the grain, the smells and its warmth as a raw material," says Yas. "Every piece of wood is unique and every turn of the lathe uncovers something totally new."

Yas had the opportunity to train as a wood turner back in 2015 and realised very quickly that he had a real passion for turning.

"I purchased my own lathe shortly after and decided I would throw myself into woodturning. I quit my job in finance and spent the next two years covering myself in sawdust."

Wanting to do something different, Yas decided he would use resins with his pieces as a way of capturing the beauty within the wood.

"My current pieces all include resins to either complement the wood or create something unusual," he says. "I love the way colours can be added to accentuate the piece or clear resins can be used to magnify the grain or create a feature within the wood."

"Flaws like worm holes, cracks and decayed wood are all beautiful to me and capturing these with resins creates something truly unique."

"Through the Eyes of a Child" runs until Saturday 12th May.

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